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Posted: 03 Jan 2022, 13:04 

Criterion isn’t about making the best version of something. They are more about filling holes in your library (your own or an actual public/university library) that would always exist if not for them. There are many Criterion LDs that are just…the movie, because in the 80s there were a lot of very significant films that had never been on video ever. Therefore some of the “best” Criterion LDs didn’t really use the best transfer or maybe had zero special features. You seem quite worshipful of Criterion but I’m not sure you get what they were doing back then. If you’re only after presentation you may be very disappointed in a lot of what they released on LD. It isn’t about 7even and Armageddon. Those are honestly closer to shark jumping, IMO. Just fancy versions of normal movies (too) easily found anywhere, more or less made to stroke the ego of the still living director who wants to see his stuff on the same shelf as his Kurosawa collection.

That being said, I think a really good Criterion LD based on your version of it would be the CAV version of Robin Hood. It looks about as good as it possibly could. It’s in CAV. It has a running commentary by a film nerd and the photos and videos contained in the extras section are very interesting and further one’s appreciation of the movie.

Also the giant version of Brazil will always be a favorite of mine. One of few LDs to have more than one cut of movie in it. The director was in on it, lots of test FX shots, commentary track, etc. Brazil was movie ruined by its own owners. This was the first way this excellent movie was available in it’s true form, so this is an example of Criterion doing what they do best.

I’ll vote for F for Fake because it’s an amazing movie that nobody else would release. I don’t think any of the features are super impressive, the movie is though.

Many early Criterion releases were like Annie Hall. Just a great movie, widescreen, nice sleeve, that’s pretty much it.

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Posted: 14 Jun 2024, 22:17 

I can’t say I know of any good books about watching TV but after much procrastination I’m finally nearing the end of Patrick Stewart’s autobiography which does take me a back a bit since I saw all that stuff like Dune and Encounter at Farpoint when it was new. I can recommend this book to anyone who has even the slightest interest in the man. He’s a super classy guy. The book is totally stress free and every page is enjoyable.

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Posted: 15 Jun 2024, 10:16 

I don't know about books but I'd recommend the song TV Party by Black Flag.
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