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Posted: 02 Nov 2020, 10:07

Souryuuden aka Legend of the Dragon Kings is a 12 episodes OVA.
Kinda matches your rough description.

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Posted: 03 Nov 2020, 09:56 

I imported the japanese Blu of Angel's Egg when it came out a couple years ago, really good release
but bare-bone, the only extra is a trailer.

There are subtitles for the Patalliro movie and the "new" series, the old series has been in the process
of getting fansubbed since 10 years or so, currently at episode 44. And yes, this is really weird stuff :)

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 Post subject: Re: My new LD player!
Posted: 26 Jan 2021, 10:26 

Not sure if this helps, but I did see this:
On CAV discs, access to individual picture fields is possible (half a frame), giving crisp, non flickering pause and step modes.

Thanks for this, it sounds at least to my uneducated mind that is what rein-o was thinking of. The only question is....was this feature actually found on any other machine, and if so which one(s)?

The X9 has it, seeing in your signature you own an X9 and don't know about this...
unless it is implemented in a completely different way on that machine.

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 Post subject: Re: New to here.
Posted: 27 May 2021, 09:07 

I think the HD-DVD is not really common. Everything is common on DVD, don't forget that :P
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