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Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 11:13 

Updated to "VAP", thanks!

That was totally stupid of me! Got confused between VAP and VAJ .

OK, got it right this time:

VAP is mostly Anime (7xxx-xx) stuff and music (VPLx-xxxxx)
Video Arts is mostly music (ref in VAL*-xxxx)

Now the split looks like this:

VAP =*&studio=119
VA(J) =*&studio=324


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Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 22:25 

If you watch all old movies on LD and only new ones on BR you’re missing out on a LOT. The fact that you even make that distinction on purpose makes me feel you put too much thought into this kind of thing. If you aren’t enjoying LD then please sell your stuff to someone local and move on.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2018, 10:28 

For me, it has always been about collecting films (often very rare ones), not formats.

Nowadays I have films on the following formats:
DVD (ca. 3300)
VHS (ca. 720)
Video CD (ca. 550)
Blu-Ray (ca. 530)
Laserdisc (ca. 250)
Betamax (ca. 20)
Super-8 (ca. 20)
HD-DVD (16)
VHD Videodisc (ca. 15)

On EVERY of these formats, I own at least one film (in most cases, significantly more than one!) which can't be substituted in EQUAL (or better) quality on ANY of the other
That being said, there are always plenty of other reasons for a film collector to buy a film on an older format (open matte; minor differences of the print used, e.g. reel changes, print damage, different colour grading, whatever; great cover; sense of nostalgia; interest in older/other technologies; great players; etc.).

The fact that my home cinema set-up supports so many formats these days also gives me the opportunity to seek out each format's hidden treasures. Take the best of all worlds.
Of course it would be nice to have a Criterion blu-ray or even UHD blu-ray quality release of each and every film in my collection, but since this is without the shadow a doubt never ever going to happen, I don't need to ask myself why I'd still be in need of older technologies.

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Posted: 28 May 2018, 08:20 


As I mentioned in my previous post, here is the repair that I did on my SDP-E800's minor display issue (the missing "i" and "a" digit depending on the input selected). This repair will also fix any dimming issues as well (will have to solder more pins to the left and right of the one's I highlighted in the first picture).

After you remove the five screws holding the cover of unit in place, take a quick look @ the back of the display board and you will notice the row of pins I highlighted here....

Although every pin is not going to have weak joints, it's still a good idea to resolder all of them since one can make the case that if one already got weak the others stand a chance of going bad later as well.

Now, in order to make this fix easy, it's better to remove the display board from the facade so you can lie it down on a table for a more convenient angle to solder.

So the next step is as follows.....

Now with the board removed, you can see how the these pins connect to the display unit.

Now it's time to solder and all you need to do is heat up each point and add a very tiny bit of solder (watch out and don't accidentally bridge one pin to another as you will damage the display when it gets powered back on; might want to ask someone with experience to help if need be).

After getting all the pins soldered, it's a good idea to take a voltmeter, place it in "continuity mode" (it will beep on many voltmeters when the points are bridged by accident), and go down the entire row of pins w/ the probes touching the next adjacent pin. If these pins you test never set off a beep on the voltmeter, you're good to go with putting the unit back together.

I ran my unit for over two hours after I was done and it's was perfect. No more disappearing digits. :thumbup:

Lastly... as a disclaimer, I don't hold any responsibility for damage to your unit if you try this on your own. It's still a risk if you don't have any experience w/ soldering irons and voltmeters so I do emphasize getting a friend to help who has some basic electronics knowledge.

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 Post subject: [LD-X1] Review
Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 10:04 

LD-X1 Review

It took me one month to get a prefect working LD-X1 and lot of money.
First, I did a bid on Yahoo for a superb version of the player : absolutly
no tears, no scratch. With the original box, remote control, and manual.
And the big, very big thing is the official RF-AC3 mod added by MSB. It
costed me 750 $.
The bad news were that image quality was far from perfect. Lot of artefacts
and waves.
One month after, I decided to call Pioneer to take care of my player. Today,
the King has returned ! it came back in perfect working condition ! It's third
time I use the service of Pioneer. I have to say that the technician I met each
time is really professionnal. We had some discussion about LD players, and
Pioneer great days (longtime ago...). It costed me 200 $ more for reparation.
Problems came from old condensators. He changed it. He also changed all the
grease, and belds. The player should work for years without problems now !

Review : (you can find it also in my site : )

Brand : Pioneer
Release : 1989
Media : Laserdiscs, Single Side
Format : NTSC
Video Output : RCA out x1, BNC x1, S-Video out x2
Audio Output :Stereo out x2, Optical out x1, AC3 out x1 (MSB version)
Size : 457×458×182
Weight : 28kg
Release Price : 3700 $ (400.000 yens)
Today price (used) : 300 - 1000 $

The LD-X1 is maybe the best LD player (not hi-vision) ever created.

it's a very specialized player. It can read only single side. CD are not playable.
But it reads LDs so smoothly ! not any sound from the player, even from a
CAV disc. The tray is strong. All is heavy and construted with super quality
material. The player weight 28kg, at the entire service of reading perfectly discs.
I personnaly prefer the metal rending of the HLD-X0, but I have to say that the
LD-X1 with his black piano rending is really a beauty.

Now the intersting part : picture quality. Yes, Pioneer repaired my player,
and they changed lot of condensators. That is certainly the reason why
the picture is now so good. But I have to say that I never saw that on a
LD player, even on my ex-HLD-X0 (RIP). The picture is so soft, colors so
warm, noise near 0 (except in fushia red, and some blue, like every players).
You can choose a pure signal from the disc by BNC, passing through without
any DNR. If you have a good DNR machine, this is clearly the best option. But
you can also choose to use DNR inside the player. It completly erase any trace
of noise, with a very good render.

The analog audio out deliver a very good sound. But because of the age,
the DAC is limited to 18bits. (But it is sometimes better to have a good
18bits DAC dans a bad 20 bits.) If you have a good DAC, you can connect
the player by optical out.

Conclusion : 10/10

Clearly the best player for me. But it takes time, effort and money to get a
working well machine. For people who start LD, or can't risk too much money,
I recommand a CLD-959 (CLD-97).

pictures :

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Posted: 01 Jul 2018, 06:47 

I suggest doing more research on players and the format in general, most everything you need to know is already posted here.

First of LD is a composite format, so it's native output is composite video, on about 90% of players you can forget about s-video if you want best results.
The component output is only there for dvd, it is not compatible with LD.

Personally I wouldn't recommend getting a Hi-Vision as a first player, if you have funds then you'd be better off with something like a CLD-97, 99 or 704 if you want a nice player, but really any player working is a good player. Starting out you should consider the possibility you may need to purchase several machines before you find one that is fully functioning.

You really need to read the forums, all of your questions have been covered in length here.

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 23:04 

It’s the new way to suck forum traffic away, from what I can gather. Like Facebook but not as terrible.

Or it’s the new IRC. I don’t know. I’m totally ignorant!

Don’t care either way. I like forums and email. Forums and email rule all over this new ad driven crap.

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Posted: 10 Jul 2019, 23:39 

I don’t see any problem with that. It may be five more years before anyone needs this kind of info but it’s good to get it written down somewhere.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 04:24 

forper wrote:

You should be grateful you live in the greatest democracy where even spewing blatant kooky lies and propaganda doesn't get you thrown in jail.

Yeah, it could be a lot worse, he could be living in Australia.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2019, 04:12 


It should show as a small, half transparent (to differentiate it from the seller's comments) "added YYYY/MM" on each item.
I don't think the day/time is relevant.

Gives a little more guidance for a best offer if the disc has been lingering in a shop for years!
Can you gather virtual dust?


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Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 15:35 

Just received City Hunter 2 Vol.1 and 3


Thanks Julien.

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Posted: 31 Oct 2019, 12:46 

I owned an R7G for several years until selling it earlier this year for around £/€600, it was a mint example both cosmetically & mechanically. It's a super machine with the most advanced 3D comb filter ever fitted to any Pioneer player (X0 & X9 inc.) and when using its s-video out the image quality was very close to my HLD-X9 on well mastered LDs e.g. The Fifth Element, Star Wars Trilogy etc. although the performance gap perhaps widened a little when running discs with poorer quality transfers. The big downside with this player though is that unlike most other machines it's performance when switching to the composite output is a huge disappointment; in my system the image appeared very soft indeed, infact the CLD-925 produces a far better result especially via the Lumagen 2144 processor. In my humble opinion I wouldn't advise the R7G as a particularly good choice and especially as your display isn't fitted with an s-video input unless of course there is an option of a fully wired euro connector? Finally I thought R7G image did tend towards the digital look which is no surprise for such a late player, perhaps you should be looking to obtain something on the lines of a CLD-97 or similar for that smoother more analogue kind of image you mention is your preference?

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Posted: 19 Nov 2019, 16:53 

I got a message a few days ago from a chap who bought LDs from me when I was buying & selling players & discs years ago before my back put a stop to that, it can't take the running about the country buying collections & players anymore.

He is fairly close so back then he would often come to me to pick up any discs he had bought or I would drop them off if I was out his way - he made a a damn fine cup of coffee too.

He is moving house soon & has passed the player with most of the discs on to his son but it appears that his son took all the discs that he might get round to watching & has left around 20 to 25 LDs that he did not want.

It looks like the LDs he has left behind are mostly Japanese & there are one or two F1 discs among them & he just wants to see them gone before the house move.

He remembered that I collected LDs also but not in general as such & that I was looking for mainly F1 LDs & other Japanese discs.

He has kindly offered them to me if I want them or they will end up being binned, I did suggest as they were Japanese LDs they might sell fairly quickly on ebay if he listed them at a low start price but he does not want the hassle (his word) that goes with that.

So I am off now to pick them up & any that are not on here or don't have cover pictures on I will update.

There are nice people around & I am pleased that the LDs are not going to a landfill site, that would be a bit sad.

As above, very kind & thoughtful.

Cheers for now.


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Posted: 23 Dec 2019, 11:03 

Didn't Nobel just make it up to feel less guilty about inventing dynamite?

I like the part (sarcasm) where Obama won the peace prize for being elected president just for being black> the ultimate condescentian of a president elect. Typical European leftist elites, virtue signalling how good and noble they are while actually being blatantly racist by having lower expectations for minorities.
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