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 Post subject: DVD's with Unexpected Low Resolution and Picture Quality
PostPosted: 02 Jan 2014, 04:43 
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Tonight I thought I would watch my recent Charity Shop DVD purchase of Harry Potter Year Six - the Half Blood Prince.

I watch my DVD's upscaled to 1080I by an LG player and viewed on an 80 inch wide screen illuminated by an 8 inch CRT projector.

I have found DVD quality to range from appalling for cheap so-called Computer/Digitally Enhanced films where noise reduction has eliminated all Picture Detail and Contrast Compression has caused all Dark Areas to be Lost in the new "Black Level" and all Bright Areas to Bleach Out in the newly adjusted "White Level". Some 1930's Films I have which look great on Laserdisc have been barely watchable on some low cost DVD issues - to the point where actors faces simply can not be recognised - unless they appear during a Close-up scene.

In generall I find some full priced DVD's to have Good to Very Good detail - certainly on a par to some less than brilliant HD transfers - while most DVD's are clearly less sharp than a good HD disc they are still perfectly watchable - with detail similar to that of a good late issue Laserdisc Transfer - however some DVD's are clearly inferior and have picture quality similar to that of VHS tape - in fact I find that some VHS copies appear to have better resolution than some poor DVD's - all of which brings me back to Harry Potter Year Six.

The copy I have appears to be a genuine Two Disc set with a cardboard Slip Cover - I put it on expecting to see my normal bright picture with reasonable detail - in stead what I got was a very dark picture with some "fuzzy" poor resolution scenes - perhaps from very soft focus being used.

I actually found the film so uncomfortable to watch that I gave up after 10 minutes and instead put m on a BD of Six Bullets - and was much releaved to find my projector was still working OK.

I don't recall any of the the earlier Harry Potter DVD's giving similar problems to those I found on "Year Six" so I must ask can this DVD really be so bad ? - or do I have some sort of Pirate copy ??
 Post subject: Re: DVD's with Unexpected Low Resolution and Picture Quality
PostPosted: 02 Jan 2014, 06:07 
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The last few HP movies were criticized by many for being too dark, even on Blu-ray and in theatres. Ex: ... t_17640353

As for fuzziness, a lot of big studio DVD releases produced after Blu-ray was introduced seem to be softer than they should be. Depending on how conspiracy-minded you are it's either intentionally trying to push people to upgrade, or a lack of effort since the videophiles already have the BD copy anyway.
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