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 Post subject: 7.1 system stuff and using DPLIIx on Laserdisc matrix tracks
PostPosted: 17 Aug 2016, 18:16 
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I finally upgraded my mains to towers and moved my bookshelfs to the rear to make a 7.1 rig. Since then I've been playing around with the now accessible DPLIIx and have to say I'm quite shocked at how well it seems to work with matrixed audio.
Has anyone else played with this and how it works with the mono surround? I know Laserbrite has mentioned toggling it on and off on certain films. It seems to work much better with this than on upmixing 5.1 discrete films that weren't intended for extra channels.
The mono surround is evenly spread across the four rears and provides a greater sense of ambience just as you would hear in a theater playing back Dolby Stereo decoded from a print.
It also seems to work better on the 5.1 matrixed variants, EX, ES and ES discrete 6.1 as unlike those it can do stereo rears instead of mono and is not band limited which EX is.
What I have noticed is that the receiver annoyingly automatically upmixes every DTS track to 7.1 whether I like it or not and I have to go and reset it to default 5.1. Apparently this is a DTS mandated change and it sucks. The Dolby PLIIx does a FAR better job at spreading the surrounds out to the back, but on these I prefer to keep it 5.1 as mixed unless it was intended for extra channel usage.

As much as I'm a purist and would like properly decoded four channel Dolby stereo surround, I have to say I'm floored at how good PLIIx is and that it isn't a gimmick more for games or music trickery. It currently is the best available decoder I have since PLII is now locked out because I went to 7.1. There is now a new sense of clarity just like the one I got when going to PLII when I first got this receiver.

I also had to move my surrounds from angled slightly behind my listening position to being on either side in order to make room for the new back rear channels. This has really been a new experience as everything just seems more impactful...and yes, even very limited mono surround usage on LD.
 Post subject: Re: 7.1 system stuff and using DPLIIx on Laserdisc matrix tr
PostPosted: 06 Aug 2018, 18:21 
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I know it's kind of late to to reply to this post but I do concur PLII in general (including "x" but still haven't tested "z") is amazing and you actually have Jim Fosgate and his 6-Axis system to thank for it since it was his invention and not Dolby. ... nd-upmixer

Interesting read....
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