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 Post subject: Re: Adding VHD players to the Hardware database
PostPosted: 14 Jan 2022, 09:39 
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admin wrote:
I'm scrapping all the goods photo I can from YAJ... some devices don't show up often!

Only 4 listed VHD players (out of 45) without a picture!

All players have pics now!

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 Post subject: Re: Adding VHD players to the Hardware database
PostPosted: 26 Apr 2022, 13:21 
Shows curiousity
Shows curiousity
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kassan wrote:
admin wrote:
Found at least 2 players with the logo so... why not :-)
=> Victor HD-V1 and National DP-870

there were only 3 players ever to have the QX circuitry
other than the 2 you mentioned, there is also a Sharp one, however despite having the circuitry, it didn't have the QX logo, for some reason. I believe because it already was seen as a failed standard and Sharp just didn't bother, because this particular player was the very last to be released
I have read many report on those 2ch Japanese channels, only thing is....I don't remember which one of the 2, LOL :mrgreen:

If I have to guess I would say the X10B, since it "seem" the most complete, it includes Dolby Surround decoder and VHDpc port (and 3D of course), the other doesn't
Anyway they certainly are the prettiest VHD players around

Since we're at it, we can also include the VP-3000, which was one the best selling player. No matter what day of the year you look, you will always find a VP-3000 for sale, either on Yahoo or other sites

The Toshiba VDP50K was also very successful and it has both 3D processing built in and VHDpc capability
xtempo wrote:
I am confused does the same port allow connection to a MSX computer that is used for VHD 3D? I have the DP-330 and never saw any reference to the msx computer only to the 3D module.

yes, but it's indeed confusing

when it comes to 3D
In theory non-3d players can be made compatible through an adapter
however if you check that url I posted before not all of them have the 3D logo, only the DP-300 and DP-330 (on top of that the 300 doesn't even have an AHD port, so I suppose that was to be purchased separately and installed)
I really don't think older players can play 3D discs even with an adapter
Also adapters were only made by National and Sharp. In something like 10 years of searching I never seen a Victor one

when it comes to MSX
I THINK same thing applies, only other way around.
Victor and National probably dropped support quite early as the MSX connectivity wasn't as successful as they hoped, Sharp kept supporting it (that's why the X10B player still has the VHDpc logo) because its X1 PCs were still quite successful/popular

of course I can be 100% wrong on both
only thing to do is try
I used to have lots of fun with VHD games on a DP-950, then I sold everything and just kept the more recent players
and I never really bothered with 3D so I can't confirm about that either

I have a Sharp VP-X10B VHD player. Anything special about it? What about that QX feature???
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