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Do you clean VHD Discs or Stylus?
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Author:  takeshi666 [ 28 Jan 2019, 17:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you clean VHD Discs or Stylus?

signofzeta wrote:
Amazing stuff for like 1947 or whatever, especially compared to HDDVD or flash or LD.

Well remember what Scotty said in Star Trek III; the more they overthink the plumbing...

Not to mention record technology is simple as hell if you boil it down to basics; the grooves vibrate the needle and the rest of the turntable just amplifies those vibrations to audible levels. Can't say the same for anything digital. It's a bit like microfilm; all you need to see it is a source of light and some sort of a magnifying glass. A flash stick is useless without a computer, a far more complicated bit of tech.

Author:  segasonic91 [ 25 Apr 2019, 19:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you clean VHD Discs or Stylus?

The first VHD player I bought was a SHARP brand. It did not and work properly and would just run over the disc extremely fast and display messed up garbage on the screen. I paused it in a couple of places and the picture was all jumpy, black and white. Just messed up in general. I bought a VICTOR HD-V1 next, a high end 3D model that came after the HD-93/9500. This one worked perfectly and was in fantastic condition. VHD players almost always live up to the "junk" title in auctions.

I experienced a problem with the discs I put in the SHARP though. The places I paused the discs on the SHARP skipped. The FF/FW method helped a little, but somehow that other player damaged the discs. No idea how seeing as the needle does not touch the discs. I collect anime that never made it to LD (thanks VICTOR!) and they are incredibly hard to come by so I was pissed. The 2 it damaged was Cosmos Pink SHOCK and Bari Bari Densetsu part I. I thankfully managed to buy second copies, but they were not cheap. The only thing that first pos player was good for was a second needle as it was a VICTOR needle. I wish NATIONAL used them, too...

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