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Circular scratches on discs causing skipping
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Author:  8traxrule [ 13 Feb 2019, 08:05 ]
Post subject:  Circular scratches on discs causing skipping

Still learning about this format- a problem I've had with a number of discs is skips to the point where the playback will jump either forwards or backwards by several minutes, and sometimes have the sound go to static with no picture for a few seconds and then the player gives up, going into Unload mode. Playing a few of these discs with the cover off, I saw that there were deep scratches on the discs at the points where these problems occurred. Although I can't be certain, I thought that I even saw some new scratches appear on some discs while they were being played. (The prior scratches were of course there before, being played on different players.)

Anyone know how this happens? It's pretty frustrating when it happens on a disc with rare material. Like CED (I'm a big collector of that format) I've still found that some discs improve with repeated playback, but unlike CED other discs seem to get worse when played repeatedly as well. With persistence I've gotten some discs to play to the end where they wouldn't before, but others won't let you scan past the damage and chapter-searching for later chapters also causes the player to give up and unload.

Author:  xtempo [ 25 Mar 2019, 20:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Circular scratches on discs causing skipping

Currently don't have my VHDs and players but I think something might be out aligned or causing the scratches. Like something with the needle when playing but I don't really know what causes it. VHDs should seem better protected but then they are like LPs which get scratched and unplayable and impossible to fix.

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