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Visiting California soon!
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Author:  admin [ 23 Sep 2017, 07:38 ]
Post subject:  Visiting California soon!


I'm glad that I'll be taking some time off to visit California again (after 12 years...) and will make a San Francisco - Los Angeles - San Jose trip from October 5th till 15th.

I know shipping from Singapore to USA is very expensive but if there are some LDs in my shop that are of interest for you, I can simply bring them over with me to the USA and agree on a meet up place to slash the shipping costs to $0. Wouldn't mind meeting some LDDb users along the way either! :-)

Tell me if anything looks interesting and if the timing is right!


Author:  firehorse_44 [ 23 Sep 2017, 08:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Visiting California soon!

Julien, What an adventure ...... have a wonderful journey....

If you have time to wander .......
The redwoods are most impressive if you take highway 101 north of the city for a couple hours.
Check out the coastal city of Arcata for some serious whale, seal, and genuine Northern California adventure fun !
Redwoods get very thick in that area and hikes are phenomenal ......
Arcata also has a popular sauna gathering landmark called "Café Moka" It is a Finnish style bath/coffee house ......
Of course if you surf, wear a wetsuit and watch out for the sharks that may mistake you for a seal lol !
Enjoy the excursion !

Author:  admin [ 19 Oct 2017, 11:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Visiting California soon!

Had a wonderful San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> Costa Mesa -> San Jose - > Palo Alto journey!

Did all things tourist, but I was going there exactly for that :-)

Thank you California!


Author:  audioboyz1973 [ 19 Oct 2017, 16:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Visiting California soon!

Have you visited the Redwood forests around there? Truly one of natures wonders, something to rival the Karri/Tingle forests we have in the southwest. (No Ewoks to be seen!)

Author:  signofzeta [ 19 Oct 2017, 22:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Visiting California soon!

I absolutely love the Bay Area. The weather is PERFECT. Sadly you have to make a million bucks a year to live in SF now and even people I know that moved to Oakland 10 years ago are being pushed out of there too.

Author:  firehorse_44 [ 20 Oct 2017, 01:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Visiting California soon!

Epic pictures Julien ......
Way overdue for a visit to Kalifornia ......

If anyone gets a chance, Vancouver Island is definitely a place to visit if able .....
Tofino is at the "end" of the world and so worth the trek .....

Put it on the list of sites to see mates !


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