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Author:  substance [ 09 Jan 2019, 20:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

mimylovesjapan wrote:
I personally love Flesh and Blood, Robocop and Starship troopers.

Those are good but his best film is turkish delight with rutger hauer.

Author:  forper [ 09 Jan 2019, 21:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

Robocop is one of the greatest films of all time. If you're honest it's in the top 10 ever made.

Author:  confederate [ 09 Jan 2019, 22:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

Black Book is his best film. At least he is not a sellout like Hans Zimmer ! I used to love his scores ( Driving Miss Daisy was fantastic ), but he now is only doing scores for films such as Batman vs Superman. Come on !!!

Robocop is one of those few action films that I would describe as perfect - Predator, Robocop and Terminator are all perfect. I haven't seen it seen the 90s however.

Author:  takeshi666 [ 10 Jan 2019, 02:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

EDIT: Crap, wrong thread.

Author:  signofzeta [ 10 Jan 2019, 21:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

Robocop is too violent for the adult version of me but I agree it is a very good movie. One of the best 80s cyber punk things. However like most of those things they sort of ride the fashions of the day and its hard to point out any of them that are revolutionarily brilliant or first at anything. It was a slow creep. What Robocop did had kinda been done by Terry Gilliam, Heavy Metal, Terminator, Max Headroom, Blade Runner, and many many other darkly humorously and smartly self aware 80s things. Even Back to the Future II has a bit of whatever Robocop has. There are a lot of good cyber punk scifi things like this from the 80s. What I like is that the budget has nothing to do with how good they are. You can buy it for a dollar.

Some people rag on Bubblegum Crisis because it rips of Bladerunner sooo blatently, but I never even thought about it because at the time "Blade Runner" had almost become a genre. It felt like fair game since nobody could remember who did it first.

Author:  mimylovesjapan [ 11 Jan 2019, 02:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

but "who did it first" is less important than "doing it good".

Author:  gypsy [ 11 Jan 2019, 05:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

I liked BGC.

Author:  snipesbackhand [ 17 Dec 2019, 23:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Showgirls

mimylovesjapan wrote:
Just saw Showgirls for the first time.
I thought it was a bad movie, then never watched it before.
I was impressed by the picture quality, and liked the cynical point of view of the movie.
It is a pretty good movie for me, and don't really understand why people don't like it.
I love Verhoven. And the only movie he doesn't I don't like is Basic Instinct, because Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas are so bad in my point of view.
I will post screens of the US LD (very beautiful edition !)

This is typically a movie "Americans don't get". The problem is Vegas showgirl acts are generally considered too absurd and too disgusting ("trashy" would be the word used to cover both) to qualify for satire.
Where Verhoeven and Eszterhas missed the mark was assuming too much show business familiarity in the audience. All the tacky infighting and self promotion in Showgirls, I believe, represents not only Hollywood and TV but also Broadway which seems to carry a lot of weight with Hollywood folk, if for no other reason than financial success. And for my money Broadway is tackier than anything Vegas puts out.
In short, I think it works, but just barely. It certainly kicks the teeth out of something like The Player.

Ok then explain this to me. Basic Instinct was at least as stupid as Showgirls but nobody ever treats it the same way. Why? It’s still considered an “erotic thriller” instead of a camp classic like Showgirls.

Basic Instict is a cop flick. Those always get a ton of leeway, and have since the earliest days through noir and on. I don't see it as campy, rather a very well directed and filmed snore.

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