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Author:  teddanson [ 15 Nov 2020, 12:27 ]

So some tremendous, nay, Earth shattering news struck me this morning.

After receiving Heimlich and an emergency tracheotomy betwixt choking on my Cheerios, it dawned on me that young Cheesy Hawkster, he of the one hit marvel The One And Only, had never received the honor of a DVD or Blu Ray release for his stellar work in Buddy's Song.

It gets worse. The poor lad only received a rubbish VHS release (now rarer than steak tartar) and USA only Laserdisc, of which about minus 27 people own a copy.

My guess as to why it's stuck in analogue limbo is most likely to be music rights. Maybe young Chezza doesn't own the rights to his smash hit?

The good news is, after a quick fumble on t'internet I found a copy for a reasonable sum. Purchased it. Paid the heartbreak tax to get it to Ireland, and will soon be able to enjoy young Chester Hawkwind in the comfort of my own gaff.

I suggest you do similar if you want it. There's not many copies about. I genuinely did not realise Buddy's Song was a real rarity.

Let's celebrate with a little song... Happy Sunday. :thumbup:

EDIT: Second piece of news on this. Apparently the song was written by none other than 80's ultralegend Nik Kershaw. He also plays the guitar solo in the song!

No more Cheerios for me today... :crazy:


..and confirmation: ... s-10483921

...and if you really want to choke on your Cheerios, the song spent TWELVE YEARS CONSECUTIVELY in the Chinese music charts. So that's 1990 to 2002 the song was in the hit parade in China without a break! :shock:

EDIT 2: Yet another mind blowing discovery. So it turns out that yer wan who plays the best friend of the main girl in the music video is non other than Lucy Alexander.


For folk in the UK and Ireland you'll know her as that blonde tubby yoke off of Homes Under The Hammer on BBC1. I thought it was yer wan who played Sharon Curley in The Snapper!

Mind. Blown. Again. :crazy:

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