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 Post subject: Replacement Player Recommendations
PostPosted: 13 Sep 2019, 13:58 
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This is my first post, so apologies if this is not the correct place to post this.

I just had my CLD D702 "die". It seems the spindle was grinding agains the bottom plate of the motor. I made the mistake of disassembling and I'm going to call it a complete loss for my sanity. Message me if you want the parts, I'm happy to work something out.

I have been eyeing a few different models, CLD D704 and DVL 919, and was hoping i could gather some advice.

The particular use and features i'm seeking are:

- I will almost exclusively be using it for viewing/ripping a set of Japanese LD's of a certain mid 90's anime. Aside from this, i do have some other LD's that will be viewed from time to time, though at the moment i have no need for AC-3. The LD's i'm most interested in are releases that for one reason or another are exclusive (a particular cut, mastering quality, special features not found on other formats).
- I will use mostly on a LED panel. CRT use occasionally. I am in search of a composite video processor but that is a quest for another time.
- Trick play/Digital field memory. The aforementioned mid 90's anime has many quick shots that appear for only a few frames, so this is a requirement. Most of the LD's are CAV, but the few that are CLV are the ones with the quick cuts.
- Build quality. I suppose eventually all LD players will break with no parts available and no one to repair them, but I'd like to factor this in.

With these points, I lean towards the 919, since i will be using the composite out almost exclusively and it's a newer model. My understanding is the majority of advantages the 704 has over the 919 are found using S-Video on a CRT. Also JP model 919 can be found only 10-15 years old. I am curious if my understanding is correct. Even if it is, maybe i overlooked something? I do not have particular brand loyalty apart from pioneer being considered the most reliable.

I have also looked at the CLD 97 and LD S2, but determined the increased cost was not worth it for my use.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I suppose I should also state that for my purposes I am also considering DVL 909 comparable to DVL 919. The reason I have written off the CDL 703 is due to age. Are there any models released between 704 and 919 with digital field memory at a similar price point?
 Post subject: Re: Replacement Player Recommendations
PostPosted: 13 Sep 2019, 19:12 
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Third post and above
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I would recommend CLD-R7G, CLD-D606, and DVL-919. All are late release and have digital field memory.

Picture quality: CLD-R7G > CLD-D606 > DVL-919. Playback Picture on R7G and 606 are sharper than 919 because these 2 models have the sharpness control which is not available on 919.

R7G and 919 can select field or frame still on CAV while 606 can only do frame still on CAV.
All of them can do field still on CLV.
CLD-D390, CLD-R5, CLD-D606, CLD-R7G, DVL-919
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