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sony msc-4000 color distortion
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Author:  cpix [ 25 Jun 2014, 14:54 ]
Post subject:  sony msc-4000 color distortion


so i just got my new msc4000 decoder.. it works, but spots like faces, and light objects etc gets a lot of bright "dots"/distortion, and walls etc can also get this quite annoying bug. any know what it can be caused by? been think of maybe a bad cap or something. everything else works fine, sound is great with no distortion etc...

best comparison; you have a picture in photoshop, downscale the color palette to 16 colors, thats what it almost looks like.

Author:  publius [ 26 Jun 2014, 03:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: sony msc-4000 color distortion

Well, it might be the decoder, or it might be your settings. If you look in my signature, you will find a link to a guide which explains how to use the menu system. I suggest that you try the various options & see what the result is. Also, just as a note, you may get better results using the second or third MUSE input jacks instead of the top one. Try switching it around.

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