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Zack Snyder's JLA best release?
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Author:  make [ 16 Jan 2024, 16:10 ]
Post subject:  Zack Snyder's JLA best release?

Hi everyone! I feel like I'm a little bit out of place making this question here, but I figured that if there's a place were people still love their older technology for home cinema, must be right here.

Now coming to the point, as a lot of people might know already. Some dvd releases this days are done in such poor way that even though the content on it is 1.33 , 4/3, full frame (however you want to call it) they actually burn an anamorphic 16/9 video frame with black bars to the sides of the image. Witch leaves as with something almost unwatchable on a regular crt.
(Also, I would like to know if there are any blu-rays with proper 4/3 video in them, all the ones I've tried yet are as described before.)

So up until know this hasn't been a real problem for me, whenever I'm watching something that's in the classic academic ratio i stick to old dvd releases and laserdiscs, even sometimes vhs though I try to avoid it.

The reason for this post is the "recent" release of Zack Snyder's JLA, I must admit that even though I'm a huge super hero fan in comic-books, I don't particularly enjoy them in the big screen this days, for point of reference the last super hero movie i've watched is 2006 superman returns (with a fond memory, the 35mm print was almost new and dolby equipment of the cinema was superb). But now this new iteration of the jla really intrigues me. It claimed to be shot on imax (even though been digital i'm not even sure if the cameras have sensors the size of 70mm 15 perf film, it would be cool if some of the film were shot on real imax, but i doubt it)

So in an attempt to see this new movie in my rather classic home cinema with still a 4/3 crt, I would like to know if there's any dvd release of the film with proper video aspect ratio burned in it.

I know that I could "fix" those kind of releases with something like a digital scaler or ripping the movie to my computer an then passing it through some video editing or something like that but I would rather not.

Hope to hear from you! And keep spining those lasers, they're the best!

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