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 Post subject: This all started with an American Werewolf...
PostPosted: 28 Jul 2022, 04:56 
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I was recently looking on ebay for a tape deck (my first one in probably 20 years at least) so I could play this old band practice tape my mom had found in a shoe box and given me on my last visit to her last spring. I didn't want anything too fancy, just to be able to play it and satisfy my curiosity. I was sure it would suck. Somehow the suggested algorithm of ebay thought since I was interested in antiquated media formats I might also want to consider An American Werewolf in London on Laser disc.

Suddenly I recalled a memory from when I was 5 or 6 years old. My parents had rented a movie from the local video store by the mall. That movie in fact. I remembered it vividly because for one, they had to rent the video playback machine as well. When got home and my dad connected it up, he pulled out the disc, which looked like a record but much cooler and sci-fi to my young eyes. I was disappointed to be told my brother and I wouldn't be able to watch it as it was a grown up film. After dinner we were sent to bed and the grown-ups had their movie night. Only my brother and I weren't having it and sneaked out and watched from the hallway. I have to admit, it was definitely not a movie for kids and there were times where we might have let a tiny squeal or shriek out. Luckily the adults did likewise in unison with us. In retrospect, I'm sure they knew we were there but overlooked it as long as we didn't intrude.

I think this was the only time I ever recalled seeing a laser disc as a kid. The next time my parents rented a movie it was on Betamax. But based off this vague memory, I immediately clicked the buy now button on ebay and a week later I had a laser disc in my hands. I didn't have any way to play it. Hadn't really planned beyond this moment. My wife, asked my why I was buying old VCD's. She is From China originally so I'm not sure if she ever had exposure to laser disc, but she didn't question the size of it at all and just calls them VCD's even after I corrected her. Nevertheless I did feel kind of foolish under her interrogation of my latest purchase. I wondered if I had made the whole memory up in my head. Did I really remember a brief encounter with laser disc and this movie at the age of 6?

I snapped a photo of the disc and sent it to my older brother with a caption of "I'm not sure why I bought this..."
He replied immediately and said "Probably because the sentimental value of when Dad rented that on laser disc."

I was relieved my memory was somewhat accurate. Now I'm currently undergoing the process of obtaining a laser disc player and the necessary composite to hdmi for an unused, 7 year old 720p TV I have in my closet. I'm buying a few more laser discs on ebay. Some criterion movies that held a special place in my heart decades ago. I didn't even know criterion did releases on laser disc. I bought a sealed Robotech volume because again, childhood memories. I'm not expecting much, but it seems like a fun little diversion that won't cost too much money.

My tape deck also arrived. My band practice tape did indeed suck. But I bought R.E.M.'s Chronic town 40 year re-release on tape to celebrate re-visiting the format. I also picked up some random bands on bandcamp that were selling in cassette format. Almost all of them have been really good stuff!

What was old will become new again!
 Post subject: Re: This all started with an American Werewolf...
PostPosted: 28 Jul 2022, 05:16 
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Thanks for sharing your history.
Brought back a few memories of mine re : american werewolf in London betamax days of yore circa 1978ish LoL.
Long believer in cassette tapes. DAT recording still seems viable for many reasons, especially for capturing live music performances.
You inspire me to check playback status of my tape collection gathering dust as I type this entry.

Enjoyed your post sir.

Cheers to the membership.
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