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 Post subject: Greetings earthlings! I come in peace
PostPosted: 17 Mar 2023, 00:06 
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Hello everybody :D

A little introduction:

Believe it or not I've been in the movie scene for quite a while.
Mostly piracy, got my first botleg on VHS from Libanon in 1988 (Night Of The Creeps) My friend's uncle was a soldier there. It was filmed in a theatre.
They had big covers with a Polaroid picture of the movie poster on the front.

From there I went on IRC and I got my first VHS from the US in 1991/92 Terminator 2. Since then I have been part of the scene. Great times. I got my first LD player in the 90's but sold it a few years later. So now I got my second LD player and I have started collecting movies again. So far I have 21 titles. And I hope to get many more. For the first time in many years I'm really excited about movies again. It's a good feeling. Surely been missed.

That's it from me. I'm more than happy to take some tips from everyone. Where to get the good deals and so on.


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 Post subject: Re: Greetings earthlings! I come in peace
PostPosted: 17 Mar 2023, 03:34 
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Welcome aboard !

Great introduction !

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings earthlings! I come in peace
PostPosted: 20 Mar 2023, 08:02 
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 Post subject: Re: Greetings earthlings! I come in peace
PostPosted: 21 Mar 2023, 11:28 
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Ah the good old days of moody VHS tapes. Usually brought in to the school yard from someone who went to Greece, Malta, Cyprus etc for their holidays and threw a few hooky tapes in the suitcase. Or who's mum/dad worked on an oil rig and came home with a stack of dodgy VHS tapes!

I remember the dodgy Terminator 2 from Malta. It had a weird 'SK' watermark scrolling up the sides of the screen every few minutes. Oh and some idiot taped over the end of the film with Match of the Day!! :lol: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was another one. I spent more time looking at the fire exit by the side of the screen than the actual cinema screen. ID4 was similar except it had people constantly getting up for snacks and blocking the screen.

Wouldn't put myself through that ordeal of hooky films any more, no thanks. I did love workprints though when they showed up occasionally. The best one I've ever seen was the workprint for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. It was imho superior in every way to whatever that mess was that made it to cinemas and home video. The film was better, the dialogue was better and the soundtrack was infinitely superior in every single way. I wish I could see that workprint again. :(
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