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Greetings from Canada!
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Author:  saxguy7 [ 19 Aug 2018, 02:06 ]
Post subject:  Greetings from Canada!

I've been a laserdisc collector for about a year now, so I'm fairly new at it.

The first movie I got on laserdisc was the Deluxe CAV Edition of Fantasia. I saw it at a Comic-Con I was attending and decided to buy it. Later, I got a laserdisc player.

Since then, I've expanded my collection a fair bit and am on my third laserdisc player. The first one played Fantasia fine, but then as I got more laserdiscs and started watching them, technical issues started to arise. The second one was a risky, but inexpensive buy as I was made aware of some issues. Eventually, I gave up and just decided to put my laserdisc collecting on hold.

Recently, I bought another laserdisc player since the listing showed it was working perfectly fine. I eventually got and in fact, it did work perfectly fine. I tried playing the laserdiscs in my collection that would barely/not play before and they played perfectly fine. I've had the new laserdisc player for close to a month now and I have not had any issues with it.

My collection mainly consists of Disney animated movies, but I've got a few non-Disney ones (Allegro Non Troppo, Tiny Toons How I Spent My Vacation and Wizard of Oz).

Author:  benmbe [ 21 Aug 2018, 03:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Canada!

Hi Saxguy7,

Good Morning from the UK

I have just read your introductory message.

Thank you for sharing with the members here your enthusiasm for this much beloved format.
I am glad your LD players are in good order, and giving you a perfect playback experience.

May the above good times continue, and equally may your Laserdisc collection continue to grow.

Good to read from you.

Kindest Regards to you

:wave: :thumbup:

Author:  modernzorker [ 23 Aug 2018, 02:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Canada!

Welcome, welcome! Your story's quite similar to mine: acquire laserdisc, THEN find player. :D

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