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 Post subject: Did I Find An Oddity? (CED Question)
PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 02:15 
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Hello, forum, and thanks in advance for humoring me on this.

I know very little about CED, but in a small lot I bought recently, there were two CEDs in with the 'discs. One was the first disc for "Return of the Jedi", which I gave to a fellow Star Wars enthusiast. The second was...this thing:


This has me scratching my head, and I hope someone who knows more about these things can tell either what I'm looking at, or who I can send it to so I can find out what's on it, since I don't have a player and don't know anyone locally to me who does.

Here's some more pics of it:


As you can see, the stamp on it reads:
"RCA Property
Not to be sold, rented, or copied
For employee home use only

Non-Released title."

Below it, there's a white label with a row of numbers affixed to it, and the words, "Star Trek III New Master" written in pen.


Here's the side label, which has been taped to the spine, and simply reads "Star Trek III". The stock number on the bottom of the spine is 153394, but this appears to correspond to the Service Alignment Disc in my research. This raises a few more questions though...

The only images of these Service Alignment Discs I have been able to find show them in a blue sleeve/caddy. The labels are identical, but this is obviously a white casing. Does this have any special significance?

Somebody also wrote "The Tholian Web" (the title of a Classic Trek episode, for those unfamiliar) on the lower-left corner of the label in pen:


I don't know if it's worth anything, but here's a close-up of the back side of the disc, with the data for sides 1 and 2:


Here's the full back label:


I popped the caddy open to get a look at the disc inside and see if there were any identifying markings, but as I suspected, there is no label on the actual disc.

As far as I can tell, Star Trek III did get an official CED release, so I'm not sure if this is some sort of promo they packaged in this particular sleeve because it's what they had lying around or what. Did they make 'recordable' CEDs that someone might have copied the film onto?

Thanks in advance for all your help, and for putting up with a deluge of images and questions from a format noob! :)

Edit: I should also say that the guy I bought the lot from was equally clueless as to what it was. He got the CEDs from somebody the same way I did (part of a bulk lot), and never asked the seller about it since all he knew was that it wasn't a laserdisc.
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