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My MUSE LD collection
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Author:  snipesbackhand [ 06 Jan 2020, 03:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: My MUSE LD collection

signofzeta wrote:
Because when they were kids they had no money and the only real connection they have with the stuff is from sitting in stores looking at packages wishing they had it. That wishing state is where they’d are still stuck. People who were fortunate enough to be in the position to buy it don’t have this experience so they are often more well adjusted and just buy what they want to watch instead of trying to “complete the collection” which itself wasn’t even a thing until 2000 or so.

Seriously, the idea of “completing a collection” is totally foreign to me. All the New Order 12”s on Factory? Sure. Every UK pressing of a Beatles album? I get it. But every NES game? Including 345 unplayably bad ones? Every MUSE disc including Twins? Fffff...why on Earth?

I love this response, even if the answer was obvious, except for two things: the idea of being well adjusted (people just fixate on other things, such as inventing perpetually moving goalposts definitions of sanity), and the idea of 345 NES games being unplayable. That sounds like a number either your fingers came up with on the keyboard or somebody much too young for laserdiscs would throw out. There are definitely 345 games unimpressive enough to collect though.

Gypsy, the appeal of kiosks is that's where the collector got his first glimpse of the game or console. Also, it's a rarity. They do tend to look quite ugly though.

Rein-o, book collections do wind up resembling secondhand or antiquarian bookshops.

The poster's collection isn't any more of an offense than forum members' listing their LD setup in their sigs. Viz it's no offense at all.

Author:  forper [ 06 Jan 2020, 09:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: My MUSE LD collection

Zeta has a lot of hate for anyone that doesn't like exactly what he likes.

I mean his arguments always try to show how much cooler he is than everyone else.

I had my fair share of cool toys when I was a kid, result of living in America in the 1980s where they were cheap compared to Australia, doesn't stop me from wanting the ones I never got tho.

Author:  forper [ 19 Jan 2020, 23:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: My MUSE LD collection

forper wrote:


hey I found my old BountyXHunter (glow-in-the-dark) Skull-kun lighter cover! Putting him to good use already...


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