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 Post subject: So the bloke from Animeigo found a bunch of negatives...
PostPosted: 15 Mar 2023, 11:52 
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Not sure how I missed this, but the fella who runs Animeigo stumbled upon a treasure trove of original camera negatives for a whole bunch of anime that were presumed lost forever (I remember them from the Sheffield Space Centre small ads in Manga Mania in the early 1990's when Bubblegum Crisis was £25 per episode on VHS!). (source: ... -unboxing/)

He stumbled upon them in a vault in Japan when looking for resources for a Madox-01 project he was working on. So thanks to this lost treasure being rediscovered it would appear that original camera negative scans of things like Madox-01, Angel Cop (YES!!! :D), Appleseed. Megazone 23 and Cyber City Oedo 808 plus other titles could now be transferred and restored in glorious HD. This vault is where Project A-Ko was discovered too I think.

Anyway, out of all of this, I finally received the 'new' Blu Ray of Cyber City Oedo 808 this week which replaces the old SDBD released a year ago from Anime Limited. I say 'new' as just after the previous SDBD was released was when the camera negatives were discovered. Diskotek put them out in the USA as a Cyber City Oedo 808 steelbook though it didn't have all the fancy extras the UK SDBD had (e.g. the wonderful Rory McFarlane soundtrack CD and booklet) it was the lustful new scans everyone wanted.

Anime Limited put out the Discotek version this month in a more toned down set. You only get the Blu Ray disc and some art cards as opposed to the more deluxe SDBD set. I don't mind as I own both, but it's a shame they didn't include the other extras in the new updated version.

To eventually get to the point I watched the first episode (my favourite of the three) yesterday for the first time as it was originally shot from the camera negative and of course I watched it with the profanity-riddled UK dub track and the infinitely superior UK Rory McFarlane soundtrack (the proper and best way to watch Cyber City Oedo 808 imho, like watching Akira with the USA 'cowabunga dub', I can't watch Akira any other way. :lol: ).

It blew my mind how utterly wonderful it looked. The trademark Kawajiri blue and red tones looked even better as they lit up the bleak cyber distopia of the future megacity of Oedo. The dub is as crass as ever (and just as great. I'm 99.9% of the time anti-dubbing but make rare exceptions e.g Akira and Oedo) plus the UK soundtrack still kicks ferocious amounts of buttocks!

This is how Cyber City Oedo 808 was meant to be seen and what a treat it is for anime fans and just fans of quality entertainment that those camera negatives that were presumed lost for all those years finally showed up. Brilliant stuff and this UK disc (or the USA steelbook, whatever works best for you) is not to be missed. Brilliant stuff. Hoping to get more from this haul as it's released. Especially Appleseed and Angel Cop from the original camera negatives, wow! :thumbup:

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 Post subject: Re: So the bloke from Animeigo found a bunch of negatives...
PostPosted: 16 Mar 2023, 16:37 
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It’s truly amazing how much detail and texture Blu-Ray can extract from even average anime. Shows like ZZ Gundam have *way* more beautiful line work than I realized and backgrounds have so much better color on BR than SD video or DVD.

Don’t even get me started on Angel’s Egg. It’s almost as if it wasn’t really released until the BR came out. Outside of a theatrical screening nobody ever *really* saw it until the BR came out. A quality 1080p scan of that movie made me love it even more than I did.
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