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Daicon Opening LD on yahoo
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Author:  signofzeta [ 12 Apr 2019, 15:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Daicon Opening LD on yahoo

forper wrote:
Is the live action content on the Daicon LD the same as on Otaku no Video? When I watched Otaku no Video in the '90s I pledged to become an Otaking and also imagined what it would be like if General Products actually existed, but they actually did..even putting out good..a definite holy grail of mine and many.

The live action part is different depending on if you got the VHS or LD version. IIRC one is a legend of orochi thing and the other is the legend of No Tenki, a parody SFX hero.

The only thing from these releases that’s in OnV is animated, the Macross stuff they are watching together on tape in one of the otakunization scenes in the first EP.

Author:  segasonic91 [ 12 Apr 2019, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Daicon Opening LD on yahoo

rein-o wrote:
We all know that not all of these discs have rot, but the price is too high from sellers who won't test them out.

Sellers that do not test discs that are known rotters are arseholes. I saw a Twinkle NORA Rock Me! a few weeks back and the seller actually had photos of the rot. It looked quite light from the stills, but that is not really a good indication. In motion it could be a lot worse.

I own 3 copies of NORA, 2 Twinkle NORA, 3 GREED and 3 Amon Saga discs. All have rot. The last Amon I bought was not too bad. More speckles than rot marks. The last NORA I bought waa also quite light, but I somehow lost it! I still have yet to get a clean GREED and Twinkle. I also have COOL COOL BYE which is a Pony disc that predates all of these and it is perfect!! Pony must have gone through a relly bad period. I eould love to have the VHDsof these titles. They would look rubbish compared to the LDs but at least there would be no rot.

Thankfully my DAICON LD is not too bad in the rot department. I cannot wait to be able to use the Doomesday Project and LD-decode to make rot free, superior captures. Grom the amazing demo on youtube, it seems to deal with rot perfectly without degrading the picture as every AviSynth plug in I used did.

Author:  harlock [ 13 Apr 2019, 03:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Daicon Opening LD on yahoo

There's one up right now for "just" $950 from a seller in Japan with nothing said about rot status. That last one for over $1000 was an okay deal, given that the seller verified it rot free and it was from a USA seller so nothing was lost in translation over the definition of rot and grading therein.

All in all, Daicon is a smoking deal compared to some lame blockbuster that costs that much at least.

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