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Legend of Galactic Heroes LD version vs DVD version
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Author:  segasonic91 [ 19 Oct 2013, 08:02 ]
Post subject:  Legend of Galactic Heroes LD version vs DVD version

I bought the entire series on DVD from Taiwan which mimics the Jp version perfectly but I really hated the fact that the DVDs had horrible frozen grain and ugly-arse digital animation added to episodes or whole episodes re-done with ugly digital animation. Does anyone own the LDs of this series or know the story behind the DVD release? I would like to know exactly WHAT was replaced on the DVDs and if the LDs are better quality. Obviously the ugly, badly drawn (especially when compared to the beautiful cel animation from 1988!) CG crap was not on the LDs. I think getting all 4 boxes would be a bit of a stretch, considering how much the shipping would be (boxes themselves are cheap enough), but I would certainly grab a couple of single volumes that correspond to the DVDs with new animation if it is worth it.

When I saw the DVDs, I wondered if the masters had been damaged and new animation needed to be made to replace it. The BDs are 1080i upscales, no new scan was made. At least Tokuma made that clear before they went on sale, unlike bloody King Records and those disgusting Takada Yuzo BDs they released :x

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