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BEAT release flyers (Japan)
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Author:  admin [ 28 Oct 2019, 14:50 ]
Post subject:  BEAT release flyers (Japan)

Did anyone keep these monthly flyer releases by any chance?

Found 6 from 1999 randomly, will try to scan them the best I can.

IMG_5543.JPG [ 199.13 KiB | Viewed 897 times ]

IMG_5544.JPG [ 197.85 KiB | Viewed 897 times ]

Would anyone have more to scan as well?


Author:  lons_vex [ 13 Sep 2020, 09:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: BEAT release flyers (Japan)

Sorry it took a while, but I investigated this and checked all my BEAL-* and BELL-* discs for those flyers.

I have these:
BEAL-871 Entertainment Magazine 97.4 (also in BEAL-995 and BELL-997)
BEAL-875 Entertainment Magazine 97.8 (also in BELL-1001)
BEAL-876 Entertainment Magazine 97.11 (also in BELL-1068)

BEAL-924 Entertainment Magazine 97.1

BELL-996 Entertainment Magazine 97.3
BELL-998 Entertainment Magazine 97.5
BELL-999 Entertainment Magazine 97.6 (also in BELL-1017)
BELL-1000 Entertainment Magazine 97.7

BEAL-1030 Entertainment Magazine 97.9

BEAL-1039 Entertainment Magazine 97.10 (also in BELL-1067)

BELL-1069 Entertainment Magazine 97.12
BELL-1070 Entertainment Magazine 98.1
BELL-1071 Entertainment Magazine 98.2
BELL-1072 Entertainment Magazine 98.3
BELL-1073 Entertainment Magazine 98.4

BEAL-1091 <BEAT 1999.1 (so when did they rename it to BEAT from Entertainment Magazine?) (also in BELL-1290)
BEAL-1146 <BEAT 1998.6 (maybe this is the first BEAT then?) (also in BEAL-1199)

BELL-1211 <BEAT 1998.8 (also in BELL-1212)
BELL-1213 <BEAT 1998.9 (also in BELL-1214)

BEAL-1383 <BEAT 1999.7
BELL-1384 <BEAT 1999.9
BELL-1386 <BEAT 1999.11
BELL-1387 <BEAT 1999.12 (also in BEAL-1482)

BEAL-1422 <BEAT 1999.8

BELL-1471 <BEAT 2000.4

Then I have about 24 discs that do not include these flyers, as they come from the used market it is not unlikely they got removed and trashed by former owners, but it would still be interesting to know what the first issue was. Same question could be asked what the last volume was that included an LD release. BEAT was still published a couple years ago when I was buying anime Blu-ray releases from cd japan, the last one I have is July 2014, which says it is Volume 195 - but did they start the counting with the first BEAT issue, or did it start with the first Entertainment Magazine issue?
I also still have a couple factory sealed discs somewhere that might have some more issues inside. This reminds me I should try to complete my incomplete series one day as well...

Author:  teddanson [ 13 Sep 2020, 12:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: BEAT release flyers (Japan)

I have one somewhere. I'll have a look for it and see if it is one you don't have yet.

Author:  tweeg [ 24 Sep 2020, 04:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: BEAT release flyers (Japan)

I have these digital BEI release letters from the DVD era as saved from the Bandai Entertainment website.:

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