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Pioneer CLD-V820 (Review as basic player!)
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Author:  rammerjammer [ 04 May 2017, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Pioneer CLD-V820 (Review as basic player!)

It is a quite beautiful player for having a all plastic faceplate, all the buttons and knobs feel solid and don't leave you worried that they will break. It is lacking a few buttons that would be nice to have though, mainly a chapter skip option and freeze frame (but you have to take in mind it was built for kareoke purposes). When taking the top off you will see things aren't too poorly laid out and make it so even if you aren't too tech savvy you can get to the basics. A thing I really liked about mine is how well built the tray and mechanism is. My player was knocked around a lot durring shipping (to the point the faceplate cracked on a corner) while there was a disc in the player and it still worked fine. One thing I find to be a little goofy is the side A to B laser flip. It also is a decently quiet player when playing so it doesn't distract from watching The Phantom. It does a weird combination of slightly turning lifting the disk up a little, turning again and then bringing the disc down again so it can then start tracking. It's been working for me but seems like it could be easier to get messed up than a traditional one. It's kinda silly but simple things like having the audio and video cables together are always nice, don't have to seperate the cables. It's not a very heavy player compared to others like the 3080, but still feels pretty solid overall.

Watching movies
It is great as a first player, not the best picture but not bad. I noticed a little bit of smear but it wasn't really distracting. The sound quality is pretty nice as well but unless you have a killer audio set up you probably wouldn't notice. One thing I should maybe have put with physical is that I find it a little goofy they would put 20 chapter select buttons instead of just putting the 0-9 so you can enter the desired chapter that way, It does look cooler having an excess of buttons though. It'll play all the formats as well, but that would be expected.

Overall I guess
I got mine for $13 but I would say it is worth up to $120, any more and I would go for a 3080 then past that a 704. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to get one but if you come across one under the right conditions you won't be dissapointrd with it. I'm not very knowledgeable of the technical aspects of players and didn't do any research on this player, but have decent first hand experience with the experience of watching movies.

Author:  audioboyz1973 [ 04 May 2017, 19:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Pioneer CLD-V820 (Review as basic player!)

Thanks for sharing your experience with this player.

I had a quick look on laserdiscarchive and with no digital output (let alone AC3 RF) this would definitely have to be considered as a basic player!

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