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 Post subject: Why Lumagen 2144?
PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 12:59 
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I have never been able to accurately show someone how good the Lumagen is until last night when I was checking for overscan with a direct to TV vs Lumagen comparison when I finally found one frame that explains it all.

This is Faroudja LD-1000 plugged directly into my Vizio 4k vs going through the Lumagen. This is not a sharpness setting (both are the same on TV and Lumagen does not have any picture enhancements or sharpness turned on).

I think I have decided in my experience the video processor makes more of a difference than the player itself (on modern equipment). My X0 with Lumagen to my projector looks spectacular, the same X0 with DVDO Duo to same projector does not. If I had to choose between a basic LD player with Lumagen or the X0 with DVDO Duo I would take the basic player with the Lumagen.
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 Post subject: Re: Why Lumagen 2144?
PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 16:42 
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I need to find a way to make compelling comparison pictures between:

  • HLD-X9 Composite + scaling on projector
  • HLD-X9 S-video + scaling on projector via proprietary 3D Y/C separation
  • HLD-X9 Composite + Radiance 2144 + native projector resolution

I could even throw different Darbee setting as well with the R2144 taking control.

Next tests would be to play the same disc on my LD-S9 with and without R2144 to see how much of an improvement the Radiance gets from a mid-range player.

Then Hi-Vision components (1125i) out of an MSC-4000 with and without R2144.

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 Post subject: Re: Why Lumagen 2144?
PostPosted: 28 Oct 2017, 19:17 
Honest fan
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It would be really interesting to see these comparisons.
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