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[LD-V8000] Troubleshooting
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Author:  bluemooncinco [ 07 Mar 2023, 14:26 ]
Post subject:  [LD-V8000] Troubleshooting

Hello! :wave: First post, new member here. I posted something similar over on Reddit, but there seems to be more technical know-how here, which is what I need!

I recently got my hands on a Pioneer LD-V8000 player. It had a couple of issues, some of which I was able to solve, and some of which I cannot. I was hoping someone here could offer advice. I've located the instruction and service manuals, but I am a bit out of my depth with a lot of this stuff. Perhaps not the best choice for a first player :lol: Admittedly, I had thought that an industrial player just meant more durable, not necessarily more complicated as well. Let me list what issues I've been able to solve, and those that have me stumped.

Solved issue:
-Player was stuck in Program Run mode. I was able to disable the setting that booted the player in Level 2 mode automatically, reverting it back to Normal

On-going issues:
-Tray wont eject. I was able to open the player and manually remove the tray, finding the gears at the front of the player to be damaged or shattered. However, pressing the eject button causes absolutely nothing to happen. No sound or movement whatsoever occurs. I know the button can't be the issue because it functions within the test/service mode menus. The mechanism that clamps the disc also doesn't move, which after seeing a video of the player with the lid off, it appears that this should also move when the tray is ejected
-Play light on the front of the player blinks on and off constantly. Not sure what this means as I cannot find it in the manuals at all. I'm assuming it means some sort of error or default is detected
-And, now possibly the biggest issue, the player does not appear to recognize a disc. I was hoping that maybe this could be an issue related to how the Play light blinks on and off, perhaps a setting I'm missing that turns off the player's ability to recognize a disc, but I'm afraid that might be wishful thinking. I have been able to manually insert a disc and manually clamp it down, but the Play light only keeps blinking

Reading the service manual, I can safely say that getting my hands on and operating an oscilloscope is probably beyond my skills. My head spun a bit when I opened the player, as I had not expected it to be so busy under the hood (I'd apparently only seen more simple players opened up in videos online), and it spun even more once I dove into the service manual. While in service mode, I could test various functions, and I was able to test the laser, focus, etc., all of which didn't seem to kick back any errors from the player. Not sure if the player would do that or not, though.

It's possible that the player has just seen its day, as well. Test mode registers 24,965 hours of operation! I won't be heartbroken if that's the case, as I'd only be out $30 and a weekend or two of poking around. Plus, it's been a learning experience and I was actually a little proud of myself for being able to make sense of at least part of the service manual. However, I'd still like to be able to get it working, if possible, so any advice is welcome. Thank you! :thumbup:

Author:  staffanu [ 21 Nov 2023, 02:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: [LD-V8000] Troubleshooting

Hi -- late reply; hoping you're still around!

-Tray wont eject:

Even with missing or broken gears, the motor should still make a noise. If you manually remove (or even just pull out) the tray so that the rear right switch is depressed, the player should try to pull the tray in when powering on, without pressing any button. You might want to check if the motor gets any voltage at all using a multimeter -- maybe it could be damaged if the tray has been stuck and the motor engaged for a long time.

As for gears I had the same problem. I 3d printed new gears that work just great -- tell me if you want stl files for the tray gears or for the tilt gear.

The clamping mechanism is driven by the same motor that inserts the tray -- if you pull the tray out/in (or better, move the white sliders on the side), the camping mechanism should engage.

-Play light on the front of the player blinks on and off constantly:

Well, something isn't right and the player seems to know:)

In service mode, when you press play to first light the laser, then focus, and the third time spinning up the disc: do you get to the step where you can spin up the disc? I have the impression the play button doesn't do that until it has focus, also in service mode. Check from the side if you can see the lens -- if it is moving up and down it is searching for focus. When it stops searching close to the disc surface focus is locked -- this should happen very quickly when things are working. If it doesn't focus you could try to move the pickup manually to the far inside of the disc -- it seems that focus is easier on the blank area with no tracks. If it gets focus that way you might have to manually pull the pickup out a few millimeters to make it happy (it gets confused when not seeing a signal at all). As always, be careful not to look into the laser!

Test mode registers 24,965 hours of operation!

My LD-V8000 has over 45,000 hours, so don't give up on it for that reason! :) (I did replace the pickup, but the donor player had a similar number of hours.)


Author:  bluemooncinco [ 13 Jan 2024, 00:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: [LD-V8000] Troubleshooting

Thanks for the response! I actually didn't see it until just now because this post didn't generate any other replies so I was at a loss as far as what to do. I ended up giving up on it, although I do still have it. I decided to just get a player that was actually functioning, not to mention a few bells and whistles I could take advantage of since this V8000 was pretty basic as far as sound options and such go. But thanks for all the ideas to try, should I ever decide to return to it!

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