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[CLD-D515] Hiccup/stuttering / Laserpickup/Holder unit
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Author:  silataf [ 21 May 2024, 13:45 ]
Post subject:  [CLD-D515] Hiccup/stuttering / Laserpickup/Holder unit


I have a Pioneer CLD-D515 NTSC/PAL LD player. Im asking around about why my LD player randomly skips/hiccup when playing any kind of LD movie? Its like someones using fast forward a few seconds. No scratches or dirt on the discs.

Also sometimes when I put in an LD movie the player makes a sound a few seconds and the disc comes out. Ive opened to see why this is happening and looks like the mount/holder/laser unit cant move the disc up correctly. Works when I
"help" it up. Then randomly the hiccups starts.

Can I get repair parts? Is it hard to change them myself?


Author:  cplusplus [ 22 May 2024, 20:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-D515] Hiccup/stuttering / Laserpickup/Holder unit

Check if the M-Holder is broken and if so replace it and the belt. The parts are available.

Author:  silataf [ 28 May 2024, 12:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-D515] Hiccup/stuttering / Laserpickup/Holder unit  Topic is solved

Hello again!

Ive just picked up a new belt for my LD player. First my thought was it wont work with only a small rubber for this.

After I changed it and turned on the player that strange sound is gone. I can see the sled/holder picks up the disc
and starts to play it. Works like it was when I bought it many years ago! It even switch from side A to B without
any issue!

Im so supprised it only took one little rubber belt to get it going like its brand new.

So happy :D


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