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[CLD-1030] Screw Nut Assembly Plastic Latch Repair
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Author:  goldeman [ 19 Jun 2024, 03:34 ]
Post subject:  [CLD-1030] Screw Nut Assembly Plastic Latch Repair

I came into possession of a Pioneer CLD-1030. Not a mind blowing player but I think it looks lovely.

I've hit a bit of a wall though. The mechanism that moves the laser has broken. Not the mechanism itself, as that works, but instead a small plastic piece on the far left side that is supposed to keep the threaded screw (33. Screw Nut assembly) in place. The device was like this from the person I received it from. Here is the Service Manual on Page 13-14 you can see the assembly. Specifically on Page 14, there is a close look.

I tried to Gorilla Glue the piece back on (as I did find it in the case) but it snapped back off while I was trying to reinstall the Screw Nut assembly. What do most others do with this kind of repair? Small plastic non-mechanical pieces that are used to hold other pieces together? Without that piece, the Screw Nut assembly shifts due to the force of the motor causing the Timing Belt (#32 on the schematic) to not have enough tension, thus the laser can't move.

I was thinking of doing the Gorilla Glue method again but letting it rest a whole day before trying to reinstall the Screw Nut assembly, but wanted to check here first.

Author:  tasuke [ 20 Jun 2024, 04:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-1030] Screw Nut Assembly Plastic Latch Repair

Yeah... that Nylon Pawl is Exceptionally Fragile. both the CLD-1030, -3030 and CLD-V190 utilize this Mechanism, and perhaps several other 1987/1989 models i am unaware of as well.

i have a 3030; it is my second copy so far. that Pawl indeed Broke on my first one... back when i had first attempted dismantlement for a clean-up and re-lube job over a decade ago.

my second copy, i was far more careful with... and it runs great to this day.

i don't know if that Pawl can be successfully repaired strong enough to bear the strain... but perhaps try GORILLA/Epoxy-gluing some manner of rigid metal plate
to the Backside of the Pawl along it's full length? Perhaps that just may prove sufficient Reinforcement...

Author:  blam1 [ 23 Jun 2024, 15:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-1030] Screw Nut Assembly Plastic Latch Repair

The LD-W1 uses this same assembly.

I've taken a single piece of wire - very thin - and wrapped it around the assembly, diagonally across the opening where the clip would go and then tie on the backside of the mechanism. Not so tight as to bind the assembly, just to hold it in place. This has worked for years.

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