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[CLD-V2400] No playback (Please help!)
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Author:  ebutler24 [ 16 Mar 2019, 16:18 ]
Post subject:  [CLD-V2400] No playback (Please help!)

Good morning:

I recently just purchased a used Pioneer CLD-V2400 CD and LaserDisc Player. I also purchased a copy of the Godfather Part III to watch on it. Upon receiving the player, I plugged it in, connected the RCA composite cables to the TV (yes I have an older TV), and placed first side of the movie into it. After the disc was loaded into the player, I pressed play. The disc would spin rapidly and then would stop. I noticed that the Play/Standby button would flash in green during this process. Afterwards, the button would stop flashing and then I would hit the eject button and remove the disc. There was only one time that the disc would work. When this happened the picture seemed to come in and out. When the picture did appear, it looked like the player was fast forwarding through the movie.

I decided to complete some initial troubleshooting. I took the top cover off of the player and placed in a disc. What I observed the following--

1. After the disc was placed into the player, it would prepare itself for loading.
2. Once I pressed play, the disc would drop down onto the spindle and begin to spin.
3. The laser would remove along the rails to the inside of the disc and began to move outward.
4. As it approached the end of the rail it would stop and then move towards the center again. At that point the disc would stop spinning and slow down.

I tried both sides of the two discs of the Godfather Part III. The only side that worked seemed to be the side that did not have any programmed content on it. Even when that worked, the screen seemed to go in and out on it and the player seemed to be fast forwarding throughout this time. I also tried to play music cds with and without the cover. The player just seems to ignore them and ejects the discs.

With all that being said I was wondering--

1. What other solutions could I try? I noticed that none of the metal parts are greased. Would this have anything to do with it?
2. With limited part availability, is it just not salvageable at this point?

Any suggestions would certainly be helpful. If you need me to upload video files and/or pictures for better analysis of the problem I am willing to do that too. Thanks and have a great day!

Author:  krbahr [ 17 Mar 2019, 01:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: No playback on Pioneer CLD-V2400 (Please help!)

he fact that it spun the LD means the laser does output a reflection from the LD. The fact that the unit does not play once the LD starts spinning means the unit cannot decode the FM signal read from the disc. Could be the spin rotation of the motor, Dirty laser lens or bad electronics.

Author:  ebutler24 [ 17 Mar 2019, 02:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: No playback on Pioneer CLD-V2400 (Please help!)

Thanks for the reply. Is there anything I can do to fix the spin rotation of the motor? What about cleaning the laser lens?

Author:  signofzeta [ 17 Mar 2019, 02:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: No playback on Pioneer CLD-V2400 (Please help!)

It’s never a dirty lens. :)

You could be losing grip of the disc which could be caused by the rubber being hardened and dirty. If you only have this one disc it’s hard to really diagnose much. If had a lighter 8” LD it would be interesting to see if it played any better.

Am I correct in guessing that the “no content” side is the turtle and that it’s in CAV?

Does it play CDs OK?

Author:  ebutler24 [ 17 Mar 2019, 03:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: No playback on Pioneer CLD-V2400 (Please help!)


Thanks for the reply. Godfather Part III came with two discs. They are classified as being extended play CLV.

Yes, the only side is the one that says "Program Material has been recorded only on other side of this laser disc." It did play side 1 of the first disc one time but the screen would come and go and it seemed like it was fast forwarding through the movie.

Also, I tried playing CDs on it. What happened was when I pressed play the lens did not really move and the disc ejects.

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