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[CLD-600] Problems
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Author:  hbkhhh [ 07 Jun 2021, 09:41 ]
Post subject:  [CLD-600] Problems

Hi Guys

I have cld600 my wife bought me on German eBay for a present but it got battered by Mr postman I have managed to fix the loading mechanism and it now plays laserdiscs until it gets to the last 15-20 mins the side it's playing then it just stops I'm not sure what this might be I have cleaned the laser and have tried I few different discs but I can't figure it out any help would be great


Author:  tasuke [ 07 Jun 2021, 12:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Pioneer.CLD 600 problems

could be an obstruction somewhere towards the end of the LD pickup's travel, something gumming up the end of it's guide shaft?

Author:  cplusplus [ 16 Jun 2021, 19:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-600] Problems

It just instantly stops?

Author:  andrewgage [ 10 Aug 2021, 23:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: [CLD-600] Problems

I have a similar problem with the CLD V2400 I gave to my boss. It plays for a while then stops. At first it would just skip back a few seconds, and I discovered the problem was that the gear track (comb) had a split in it. I tried super-gluing it back together and even reinforced it with some Bondic (that stuff that hardens under UV light) and it worked fine until last night. Now he says it's stopping and just starting the disc over. It won't fast forward past the stopping point which leads me to believe I'll have to open it up and see if it's the same area of trouble, or if there's another break. If it's that track again, I'm going to try to find a replacement part (wish me luck).

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