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[IMPORTANT] List of Pioneer Error Codes
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Author:  admin [ 20 Feb 2018, 10:23 ]
Post subject:  [IMPORTANT] List of Pioneer Error Codes

Since this question comes back often, here is a sticky/global post to sum them up.
We can update with more error codes (from the DVL, for example) as we go and what has successfully been done to fix some of these in the past.

Taken from the CLD-D925 Service Manual Section 6 because the CLD-D925 User Manual has only a subset of these codes described.

I could simply include the picture of the page but this would make text-based searches impossible.


(Updated 2018-02-20)



The self-diagnostic function automatically display an error code on the TV screen and front panel fluorescent display section when there is an error. The customer checks the error code and conveys it to the service personnel to make repairs more efficient.
After an error occurs, even if the error code goes off, you can display the error code again by holding down the [CLEAR] key for 5 seconds (except a loading error [L*] display). At that time, partial error is displayed with the mechanism switch information.

H0 = Spindle overcurrent detection error

In the play state, overcurrent was detected in the spindle motor. Monitoring starts 5 seconds after the start of play or special playback mode, this error is detected if the overcurrent port is "L" for 4 seconds.

Probable cause(s):
  • Motor KO
  • Clamper rubbing

U0 = FG abnormality error

  • At LD start-up, the rate of rotation is calculated from the FG was less than 15rpm for 5 consecutive seconds from the spindle run command.
  • At CD start-up, there was less than 1/8th rotation even after 5 seconds had passed since the end of acceleration.
  • During play search, CD: subcodes are being read / LD: Phillips codes are being read and the spindle is locked, but a state in which the rate of rotation calculated from the FG was less than 15rpm continued for 5 seconds or more. In the above case, it is judged that an abnormality has occurred in the FG sensor and that accurate rotation rate calculation has become impossible.

Probable cause(s):
  • FG sensor abnormality, FG signal not coming to mechanism controller
  • FG sensor clogged
  • Rubbing between FG sensor and slit
  • Turntable dropped
  • FG slit deposition KO

H1 = Partial short error

  • At LD start-up, the speed did not reach 1,200rpm without a certain time (12 seconds) after the spindle run command
  • At CD start-up, a certain speed (313rpm) was not reached within 6 seconds from the end of spindle acceleration.

Probable cause(s):
  • Spindle motor KO
  • Commutator KO
  • Bearing too tight
  • Power supply KO

H2 or A0 = Power supply abnormality error

-5V power supply abnormality detected.
The power supply abnormality port is constantly monitored and if its signal stays high for about 1 second consecutively, the power supply is judged to be abnormal.

Probable cause(s):
  • -5V not fed from POWER SUPPLY assy
  • Parts shorted

L* = Loading error

  • When loading operation goes over time (approx. 10 sec.).
  • When assist at disc sense entry ends and is not tilt neutral.
  • When assist at set up entry ends and is not tilt neutral

Probable cause(s):
  • Tilt switch 1, 2, 3 abnormal, so tilt/loading state not read in correctly
  • Tilt/loading mechanism mechanically locked
  • Drive Integrated Chipset KO
  • Power supply KO

E* = Slider error

During slider movement, a time over-run occurred (track count search 20 seconds, mandatory movement 10 seconds)

Probable cause(s):
  • Slider ceased being able to run
  • The slider mechanism is mechanically locked and can no longer move to its target
  • Slider position switch KO
  • Flexible cable pulled out
  • Drive Integrated Chipset KO
  • Power supply abnormal

U1 = Miss clamp error

  • During LD setup, after 1/8th rotation, the track count during 1/8 rotation exceeded 511.
  • During start-up, the focus was lost once and refocusing was attempted, but the focus could not be locked.
  • Two FG pulses did not come within 800ms from the start of LD start-up
  • The disc clamp operation did not end within 5 seconds.

Probable cause(s):
  • Disc sandwidched
  • Disc shifted
  • Spindle motor KO
  • Disc scratched or dirty defocused during start-up
  • Two discs loaded
  • PU actuator KO
  • Tilt sensor KO
  • Tilt neutral KO (tilt base KO)

U2 = Communication error

The mode controller could not communicate normally with the mechanism controller.

Probable cause(s):
  • Defective mechanism controller
  • Disconnected cable

P* = Spindle error

  • During TOC reading with an LD, the spindle servo was not locked within 60 seconds from the start of the spindle run.
  • When CAL/CLV determination is not finished within 60 seconds from spindle servo lock.
  • The codes could not be read from 10~15 seconds consecutively for an LD or 7~10 seconds for a CD/CDV and the spindle servo was not locked.
  • The speed exceeded 2,100rpm during LD start-up

Probable cause(s):
  • P0: PH code, SUB-Q code can not be read
  • P0: VCO, PLL offset out of adjustment
  • P0: Disc defect
  • P5: PAL disc, mirror disc, etc. PLAY
  • P5: No RF
  • P6: Spindle servo does not lock
  • P6: Spindle motor KO

F* = Focus error

  • In the "no disc" state, a setup command was received from the mode controller.
  • When LD is out of focus when slider is moved to starting position during set up. In case of CD/CDV, still KO even after three focus tries.
  • During start-up, the maximum slider servo duty continued for 3 loops or more.

Probable cause(s):
  • F5: CD, LD on top of each other
  • F5: LD scratched or dirty defocused during slider movement
  • F5: Disc defect
  • F5: Slider position switch KO
  • F6: Inner edge of disc scratched or dirty
  • F6: Slider ran into inner edge mechanical stopper


Mechanism mode contents (corresponding to the * for L* etc.):
  • O : Play
  • 1 : Open
  • 2 : Standby
  • 3 : Clamp
  • 4 : Disc sense
  • 5 : Setup (rotation start)
  • 6 : TOC read
  • 7 : Play
  • 8 : Search
  • 9 : Side A -> B
  • A : Side B -> A
  • F : Recovery mode

Author:  admin [ 19 Dec 2023, 17:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: [IMPORTANT] List of Pioneer Error Codes

For practical examples of some of these errors, check out [CLD-S104] Service Video


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