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Author:  kris [ 19 Apr 2019, 07:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hardware Database

isn't there any way to "download" the archive? I sure hope one day it doesn't dissapear...?

Author:  laserhazer [ 19 Sep 2020, 16:04 ]
Post subject:  What about ripping LDs?

I hope this is an appropriate post in the right thread. This is all about hardware, so I wanted to post about ripping! I have VIDBOX 9.0 that I got from Best Buy, that I use to convert VCR tapes to mpeg files, or to playable DVDs. Many people may like to rip their laserdiscs, especially since there are a number of LD that have exclusive commentary, that can't be found on DVD. Should we start a ripper user list that offers to get your LD in the mail, rip them, and then send them back to you, for a price? This may be an entire sub-business within itself! And what about the legal aspect? Some copyright lawyers can be real NAZIS when it comes to something that you own and have paid for!

Author:  rein-o [ 19 Sep 2020, 16:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hardware Database

Technically you don't own the film you bought, you sort of own a share of it, this doesn't mean you can do as you please.
There are laws and those lawyers are attacking you due to laws that have been written and if they get changed then you can
change your ways.

As for copying its not legal and they say so in the beginning of every disc or film you own since the 70s.
Unless the copyright is expired or no longer due to music or added scenes then you can't own anything unless
you actually own the rights to said media.

BTW i'm no lawyer just know what is right and wrong.

Author:  laserhazer [ 20 Sep 2020, 00:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hardware Database

You have reminded me of some cold, dark truth, my Master! I see it to be like the issue of not being able to transfer VHS to home made DVD. It seems that we have to just let our VCR tapes rot because of copyright. Believe me, I see your point! What made me question details is that since so many Youtubers started invoking the Fair Use Act to display clips of movies and TV shows, I debate with myself as to how much the lawyers will let us stretch it. I once read that the issue of VCR taping TV programs went to the Supreme Court. The SC ruled that as long as it was for personal use, and not be displayed publicly, or mass-produced, or such, that it was OK. Technically, it is the literal act of piracy, like you stated, so the real issue is to see whether the laws change with that. I remember in the old Commodore 64 days, the cracking software that would allow you to copy games, had disclaimer labels saying "For archival backup only" like if you lost the original, or the original got corrupted. I'd hope that the lawyers would allow that, but I'm no lawyer.

Author:  rein-o [ 20 Sep 2020, 02:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hardware Database

I would love to figure out how one could publicly show a film that may not be in circulation anymore
but only on LD or DVD etc due to music or a different cut, theatrical cut where only the extended or directors cut is available now.

There was a place in Nashville that would show films in the basement of their shop, think it was black crow or something.
Totally illegal and would actually charge to see the films, while I never went it was a cool concept and would love to figure
something like that out for possible outdoor or? to get these films seen by others so they can enjoy.

I think it would be easier if one owned the copyright or paid for the rental of the film for the day or showing.

There are two local theaters here in DE that have done similar, one had a showing of GWTW and it was clearly from the
old 2 DVD version and they had an intermission during the change of disc.
Can't figure out how they got away with that and charged full ticket price :think:

Other did some horror films and I know they were totally illegal and had no rights to show it but it was all non profit, so
an illegal non profit for film to keep a theater alive :lol:

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